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Celebrate your financial independence! Why?

July 6, 2010

Celebrate your financial independence and change the world!

 This past week we once again celebrated our independence.  I
    think most Americans could tell you that we celebrate our
    independence day on July 4th because that is when the
    Declaration of Independence was released i 1776.  This leads us
    to belive that 1776 was the year we became independent even
    though the Revolutionary War lasted until 1781 and the peace
    treaty wasn’t signed until 1783.
    In the same regard we celebrate our founding fathers who put
    this country on the right path to be prosperous.  Most people
    recognize the names of Washington, Franklin, Jefferson and
    Adams.  These were truly amazing individuals, but their success
    dependended on thousands of individuals who were willing to give
    up their life to serve in the Continental Army.  The volunteer
    militas and Continental soldiers gave up everything to fight for
    this country’s indepedence, not sure if they would get paid for
    their service and not certain if they could defeat the strongest
    military at the time, the British.
    As I reflect on our country’s history it seems like our greatest
    moments were when individuals rallied together for something
    bigger than themselves.  Whether it was fighting for our
    independence in the late 1700s or fighting to keep us united
    during the Civil War, or fighting to defeat the Germans and
    Japanese during World War II we are at our best when we rally
    What does this have to do with personal finance?  This should be
    part of the reason we are looking for financial freedom.  If you
    are trying to earn and invest money for only your own gain so
    you can have more toys and possessions, then even if you
    accumulate this you will not find success.  If you are able to
    gain financial independence in order to provide a better life
    for your family, your community, or another organization, your
    accomplishments will outlive your own generation.  If you have
    financial success you also have the time to commit to your
    family and community to make the world a better place.
    We celebrate capitalism because of the belief in the American
    Dream.  We believe that anyone can rise up to achieve greatness
    in this country.  It is the celebration of the individual.  This
    can be very empowering, but also very dangerous.  We have had
    some individuals whose pursuit of riches has destroyed the lives
    of others.  During the last 5 years many investment bankers have
    made millions creating and selling the instruments that allowed
    others to borrow money they shouldn’t have borrowed.  Then, when
    these loans went bad, the investment bankers still walked away
    with their millions while individuals were forced from their
    homes and investment groups like pension funds took major hits
    as the bonds they had bought were practically worthless.
    For the investment banks who bought some of their own bonds
    created from these bad mortgages they faced tough times, too.
    Fortunately for them, they had enough power and influence to get
    our goernment to bail them out.  Many common individuals ended
    up losers from this deal as many wall street investment bankers
    ended up multi-millionaires.
    I hope you are able to become financially independent.  I hope
    you get to a point where you don’t have to worry about money or
    how you are going to pay the bills.  When you get to this point,
    I hope you find your new found freedom empowering.  I hope
    through this you are able to change your family tree.  I hope
    you are able to make your children’s and grandchildren’s lives
    better than before.  I hope you are able to give back to your
    community with your time and money.  If we have enough
    individuals who do this and then give back to their family and
    community we will once again show the greatness of the American
    people coming together to make our country and world a better
    Remember why you make some sacrifices now with your personal
    finance.  It isn’t for greed, it is so you can become a Great
    Wonder by mastering your finances and leave a legacy for your
    family, community, and country.

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